A blast from the past...

Let me take you back to summer 2010… I had just finished my degree and been selected to exhibit at New Designers.  After an emotional time waving goodbye to my course and house mates, who I had spent the past 3 years with, I pulled together my last few pennies and headed to London for the New Designers exhibition. For those who are not familiar, New Designers is a three-day event at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London which showcases the work of graduates from all around the country. During this event I was approached by a couple who were interested in buying some of my work. As a new graduate you can imagine the excitement this brings – somebody wants to invest in you!!! Chivvied on by my course mates I dubiously walked over to talk to the couple. We chatted for a while and they ended up purchasing some of my work. This is a moment I don't think I will ever forget - my first sale. 

Fast forward four and a half years to January 2015, I was contacted by this same lady. The message read: 'Still love the two yellow fabric and concrete blocks we bought from you....they are proudly hung in our house.' It is always great to get positive feedback from clients, it gives you a real sense of pride; but this was that extra bit special. It reminded me of the journey I have been on since selling that first piece all those years ago; how the work has evolved and my practice continues to flourish.

I created a second piece for the couple that now hangs alongside the original in their home.

Happy clients, happy artist!  

Early work in situ in couples home

Latest commission piece